Toddler Program

ImageEarly Toddlers (ages 12 months – 24 months) $195.00 weekly
Advanced Toddlers (ages 2 years – 3 years) $190.00 weekly

Daily Art and Visual Materials For Toddlers
Potty Training for Toddlers

We provide a safe and stimulating environment for your toddler once he or she starts to walk. Your child will be exposed to activities with strong bible orientation in order to get a head start to living a Christ-filled life. The toddler will also be given basic courses on language development, arts and reading and many more depending upon the developmental level of the child.

Contact Information

6920 W 82nd St..
Overland Park, Kansas 66204
Phone:     (913) 383-2767
Mobile:     (913) 387-7773
Fax:          (913) 383-2767