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In the comfort of your own home, we deliver the services you need and the love you call as you prosper happily under the Care that Knows No Bounds.

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Devine Home Health Agency, Inc. also serve as an avenue for career chances. Find out how.

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Our Services

Devine Home Health Agency, Inc. offers services at generous rates. Our services are carefully drafted to suit your daily living needs. We render

    The level of care that can be provided by a skilled nurse or a licensed vocational nurse is higher than that of a typical caregiver. This is due to the complexity of some tasks to be done that can only be attended by a qualified professional. The services provided by a skilled nurse may include but not limited to:

    • - Initial assessment and health evaluation
    • - Pre and post operative care
    • - Infusion therapies
    • - Catheter care and change
    • - Medication management, administration and monitoring
    • - Other services as needed
    The expertise of a medical social worker encompasses:

    • - Giving assessments on various areas (emotional, psychological, etc.)
    • - Discharge Planning
    • - Mental Stipulation Assessment and Support Organization
    • - Counseling patients regarding social issues
    • - Giving sessions on development
    • - Facilitating Support groups
    • - Any other services within scope
    Our professional physical therapy services may include but not limited to the following:

    • - Pain management
    • - Pre and post surgery care
    • - Exercise programs
    • - Orthopedics
    • - Pediatrics
    • - Muscle Re-Education
    • - Muscle Therapy
    What is occupational therapy?

    Occupational Therapy is a customer-oriented proceeding that helps you recover, practice, and maintain your daily activities and work skills.
    Devine Home Health Care Agency, Inc. provides you occupational therapy services as follows:

    • - Health Assessment
    • - Basic Skills Evaluation
    • - Strength Enhancement
    • - Device Assistance Training
    • - Re-education of basic living skills
    • - And more Comprehensive Assessment and Treatment Services
    Communication is a basic skill that inextricably decreases with old age. Devine Home Health Care Agency, Inc. Devine Home Health Care Agency, Inc. provides you assistance in this need to preserve this fundamental facet of your individuality. We offer the following services:

    • - Speech (phonation, resonance, intonation, etc)
    • - Language (phonology, morphology, syntax,etc)
    • - Cognition
    • - Communication Options/Alternatives
    • - Aural Rehabilitation
    • - Eating and swallowing strategies
    • - And more
    Our Certified Nurse Assistants are well-trained and guided. They are skilled in various settings whether in hospitals, hospice, community centers and even in schools. Hence, they are competent and experts in their own fields. Our CNAs provides the following services:

    • - Supervising nurse
    • - Takes care of patient hygiene
    • - Making beds
    • - Noticing nurse for health issues
    • - Toileting patient
    • - Light assistance
    Devine Home Health Care Agency, Inc. provides Home Heath Aide Services through our cheerful and enthusiastic home health aides who are always ready to lend a helping hand.

    They can provide you with personalized home services such as bathing, dressing and assistance in walking. They can also do light errands light shopping or groceries.

    Our home health aides work under the supervision of nurses, therapists, etc. They have undergone careful screening procedures and they are the best in the tasks that they do.

    For Personal Assistance Services, Devine Home Health Care Agency, Inc. gives you comfort and relief from the stress of managing your daily businesses and professional work care. Our personal assistants provide the following services:

    • - Taking notes
    • - Time management
    • - Scheduling of Activities and personal appointments
    • - Running light errands
    • - Light Financial business assistance (i.e. Paying bills)
    • - And more as you request