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Personal Insurance

Gem City Insurance provides a complete line of solutions for all your personal insurance needs. Whether you need to insure an automobile, home, or require renter’s insurance, we’ve got you covered.

Auto Insurance

Besides being a necessity, sometimes your vehicle becomes a significant part of yourself. Besides the convenience it gives you in traveling to school, work, grocery store, etc and of transporting products, patients, clients, and what not in your business, your vehicle becomes your signature. Especially for those luxurious car lovers, minivan driving moms, working dads, monster truck driving employees, and bus driving men, auto insurance is very crucial. You need to protect your vehicle, your life, your passengers, and in case of traffic collisions protect also the other person and vehicle.

Renter’s Insurance

You might only stay temporarily in that rented place of yours but you will have to definitely protect your belongings there. However careful and watchful you are, unpredictable events occur. In case they finally arise, at least you only get surprised but you are still prepared to face it anyway because you are insured in a reliable and trusted insurance agency.

Renters Insurance involves coverage nearly similar to home owners insurance. So even if you still don’t own the place, at least you have control of what’s going to unpredictably happen. Protect your belongings now from fire, theft, storm, and other damages and obtain Liability Insurance as well in case accidents accidentally occur in your apartment.

Flood Insurance

Flood is a totally an unwelcome guest to our homes. When it comes, it sure leaves us stressed, our homes destructed and our properties destroyed. Beginning today prepare and protect your home and belongings from such vicious phenomenon with Gem City Insurance’s Flood Insurance which covers the damages caused by the flood to your home and properties. Trust that after the flood there’s the wonderful rainbow of hope dedicatedly offered to you by Gem City Insurance.

Homeowners Insurance

Among all the places in the world, our home certainly is the best place to be. It is the place we are most comfortable at and where our greatest memories are made. It is where the most significant persons in our life live and it is where we spend important moments in our lives in. Our home is us. It represents the people that we are. That is why it needs to be protected and be carefully taken care of.

And so Gem City Insurance provides you Home Owner Insurance involving the coverage of damages caused by fire, storm, and other natural phenomena, damages of items inside the home, coverage for additional living expenses while your home is being repaired for any damages, and last but not the least liability coverage in case someone gets injured inside your property premises.

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