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PEACEwater: No Thirsty Child! improves children's health, access to education, and quality of life by providing sustainable clean water solutions. Click Here »

I'm proud of you and your team; you've accomplished a lot and are a great example to others. Your stories of how you blessed the churches, people and especially children of Rwanda are a great encouragement to me. It's clear that you and your team are empowered by God to have a great impact in Rwanda. You've made an important difference by bringing them fresh water to drink and the living water of Christ through your sacrifice and ministry.

Rick Warren, Founding Pastor Saddleback Church

I'd like to express my appreciation on behalf of the PEACE leadership in Rwanda, for your team's commitment to empower the local churches in Rwanda to minister to their respective constituencies by providing clean water to the needy.

Eric Munyemana, Director Rwanda Purpose Driven Ministries/P.E.A.C.E. Plan

PEACEwater: No Thirsty Child!

Mission Statement

No Thirsty Child! is a 501 (c)(3) or nonprofit organization by ordinary people who are using their own time, talent, and resources to bring clean, safe, accessible water to children and their families by facilitating sustainable technology projects and education through the use of the unique, world-wide distribution system of local churches.

To summarize No Thirsty Child! as a whole: We are a charity organization dedicated in helping to make means to provide clean water to areas that have little to it and are in constant danger of waterborne diseases and infections that is detrimental to their health.

No Thirsty Child! Provides Water Solutions That Are

  • Clean
  • Safe
  • Accessible

These are implemented in developing nations that will allow children and their families to have and drink clean water, we also provide programs that are dedicated to their well being and thus allow and give them:

  • Education
  • Better Health
  • Richer Quality of Life

No Thirsty Child! will provide access to water purifying technologies that require minimal maintenance in order to preserve their supply. We will also be teaching them hands-on educational programs in order to train them in safety measures in terms of drinkable water and other related activities. For our programs, please proceed to our Technology Programs and Education Programs for more information.