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Preparing for a board presentation, attending your kid’s school play and cooking for the family dinner are among the activities and duties that we cram into our 24-hour day. It truly is difficult to balance everything out. That is why we deem it as an additional burden when we try to look for our prescription medicine and find that the pharmacies in the community do not have it in stock.

We want a place where we will readily find the medicine we need when the time comes that we will need it. What if our asthma attacks and we do not have it in our medicine cabinet? That event, most likely, is one we wouldn’t dare imagine. Our services at Pin Oak Pharmacy assure you that such an event will not come to pass. Our prescription refills, prescription transfers and in-house compounding services will make sure that your medicine is right where it should be, near you.

For more information about us and our services, feel free to give us a call at 713-408-9399.


Pin Oak Pharmacy strives to meet its objectives - to be a valuable partner for patients and fulfill their medication needs. We have been in the trade of pharmacy for a reason and it is to serve your family professionally, competently and dedicatedly.


A community where residents have one pharmacy to go to for their medication needs! Pin Oak Pharmacy hopes to be the pharmacy that customers go to and no one else. We want to be the primary provider of their medications, medical equipment and healthcare supplies.