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There are times when the medicine prescribed to you by the doctor is not available commercially. That truly poses a great deal of a problem for the patient. Prescriptions were prepared to be followed. Written in the prescription is what your physician deems as the remedy to a condition or an existing sickness. By not following it, then your physician’s advice would have been for naught. To ensure a wholesome and speedy recovery, you must follow the prescription.

Thankfully, the compounding services of Pin Oak Pharmacy are the answer to your dilemmas. Even if your medicine is not available in the market, we can prepare it for you. Our licensed chemists can prepare the medicine that you need using only FDA-approved ingredients and materials.

Our laboratory houses top of the line medical equipment that allows us to process the medicines effectively, the way pharmaceutical companies do.

You are special. And because you are, we offer you products made especially for you. Call us now at 713-408-9399 and find out how special you are to us.