Areas of Practice

At Raiz Almiron LLC, we can provide legal representation for your health care company in a variety of cases. In fact, we may also safeguard your company from possible litigation by auditing your processes and suggesting ways for best practices in the company.

The practice areas that we can provide you with legal services include Accreditation/Surveys, Compliance Program Development/Audits, Corporate Business Transactions, Corporate Governance & Litigation.

In addition to these, our counsels can also be your legal representation in cases that involve False Claims Act/Fraud & Abuse Law, Federal & State Court Litigation, Healthcare Immigration, HIPAA/Health Privacy and Security, Medicare, Medicaid & Private Insurer Reimbursement.

For some clients, we will be glad to provide legal assistance in various company transactions including but not limited to Mergers/Acquisitions/Stock Transfers, Professional Licensure Issues, RAC, PSC and ZPIC Audits, Shareholder and Member Disputes.

To know more about what we can do for you and your health care company, please call (630) 955-9220.