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  • Personal Assistance with Daily Activities, such as Bathing, Dressing or Grooming
  • Cooking/ Shopping
  • Social Events/Games
  • Network Solutions
  • A Planned Program of Social and Recreational Activities
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Why We Care
Senior Working with Seniors...
Most seniors need a plan and our professionals will assist in reviewing financials, mental health and listen to their needs. Then build together a road map that fits you and your family needs, for a healthier tomorrow.
Welcome to
Seniors Working with Seniors


Seniors Working With Seniors, has been created to keep the connections active between seniors, their family and friends. Seniors are an invaluable part our community. Not only does SWS want to keep them at home, but we want them to have the option to join us to reach out from home. With today’s easy to use technologies we want the senior to stay active by participating in life. We have personally experienced senior on a death bed position to thumbdriving a car in weeks with our services. SWS believes in our programs and services and we believe that participation within reason will assist our clients in feeling stronger and more secure.

Their new future is coming and at SWS we want to achieve this future by continuing to learn from our Senior’s past Read More »