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On January 10th 2013, Bonnie and I began our journey to reach out to local businesses and agencies in our communities. We shared our innovative products and plans and demonstrated how our program would improve the life of a senior and the responses were “brilliant”, “very innovative”, and one said “not possible” this last comment is what fuels us because we believe in possibilities and we ask our seniors to think this way and experience it with us….even if it takes small steps at a time...

Seniors Working with Seniors had a phone conference with a highly position director for the State Of California. She said “very impressive” she promised to bring it up to the next board meeting and I did not even ask to be part of the meeting. Seniors Working with Seniors believes ideas and thoughts and experiences are what grooms possibilities to work. We must always recognize and welcome innovation from all ages

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Senior Care Services
About Us

Seniors Working with Seniors was created to provide our growing population of over 65 with the opportunity to stay in the comfort of their home while offering them the much needed services at a low cost. While still at home we educate them about their current financial status have them fill out a mental health self-evaluation form to establish the hours of services required and together start planning their present and future needs. SWS will then proceed to work towards understanding the family dynamics and start implementing and developing a plan for their present and future needs


Reasons Why We Care

As Founders of Seniors Working with Seniors we personally understand the enormous need for increased senior care facilities and the lack of rooms. We have our own family and friends whom have not planned for tomorrow and they are concerned. SWS would like to assist in building plans as it creates ones home as a safe place to be before life becomes difficult. SWS stays up to date by monitoring the current reports about the accelerated cost associated with these facilities with no options nor controls over lowering the cost. SWS will use its financial experiences of The Family Budgets to determine the financial position and will try to incorporate a saving plan as part of our services. SWS is opened to here ideas of many and will try to develop a collective forum to design systems to meet the needs for today’s burgeoning Senior Population. We think the best option is to keep you in your own home with something to do…

We are members of AARP and proud to be affiliated…



Seniors working With Seniors will start with a 90 day program that includes a financial assessment, a self-mental health analysis work sheet to be completed immediately as we work on a comprehensive homecare packet. This packet will be full of vital information. An assigned Financial Agent will work with the established family support team as they complete the identified options. Then SWS will be able to implement and incorporate established primary relationships into the team before expanding to outside resources on a as needed basis in order to reach the best program results.

Seniors Working with Seniors will introduce an interactive customized plan using todays technologies to establish a reconnect program. Tools like cameras, computers, Ipad, Ipone, and Android devices. All services to be used are customized to fit the need of all parties involved.



The four seasons start off with the Super Bowl celabration 49ers and Baltimore Ravens being shown at most recreaction centers in Sacramento. We are in the planning stages for the month of April, 2013 of which will consist in 3 hour round trip driving experince up to the Amador Flower farm to enjoy a day in the sun, music and participation in how to build and maintain a Bonsia Plant. Here we will also be introduce the virieties of flowers and home plants for the Season. This trip is a $25 dollar per perosn that includes transpertation and a plant to take home…

Please contact 800-386-7356 for more information and reservations.