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 56 West Main Street Suite 203
 Bayshore, NY 11706
  Toll Free: (855) 237-2066
  Phone: (631) 604-4020
         Fax:     (631) 328-5626
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 652
Deer Park, NY 11729

Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5PM
Sat: Closed
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Billing Services

Outsource Medical Billing

Our people are among the most talented in the industry. It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you.
Our primary goal is to make sure that your practice is paid the right amount as quickly as possible. SouthShore Medical Practice Management, Inc. can help you improve your practice’s revenue by letting us manage your claims on what we do best, while you focus on what you do Best:”Patient Care”. Outsourcing you medical billing claims to us and we will enhance your revenue and you will see your practice grow. It’s a fact.
Two reasons to outsource your Medical Billing:

Your in-house staff causes thousands of dollars to be lost every year due to the following reasons:

  • Inexperience in-house staff due to lack of training
  • Overwhelmed duties and multi tasks.
  • Unability to focus on your practice’s financial health
  • Unable to follow up on denials
  • Incorrect coding
  • Lack of to track underpayments

We will:

  • Track underpayment to increase your practice’s revenue
  • Reduce errors
  • Boost collections by using our denial claim management tools
  • Automating administrative workflows
  • Monitoring accurate payment
  • Validating the accuracy of information
  • Electronic claim processing
  • Process Private pay, W/C and N/Fault claims
  • Reduce the turnaround time  for payment
  • Save you time and lower your costs.

Leave the medical billing workflow to us.
Your staff handles registration, scheduling and check-in and check-out and we manage the workflow with charge verification and electronic billing, as well as post payment, manage denials and pursue unpaid claims.
Quality Assurance
The most common reason for delayed payment denial is human error.  We achieve billing accuracy through careful attention to quality assurance processes.