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About Us

honeyThere are only a few places in the world ripe for the manufacture of our honey. By few I mean about five (5) places total. Our honey has been manufactured in the United States by the same family for generations. They do not use high heating, filtering, or special processing like is being used for supermarket honey. The bees are not fed sugar or syrup because it affects the quality of the honey. The bees are fed pure honey and flowers–even in winter. Sugar and syrup damages a bee’s stomach because a bee’s stomach is programmed to digest only honey. There are only two places in the U.S. found suitable for the making of our honey. The factors that come into play when making our honey is the climate, the mountains, and the type of wildflowers we add.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding our honey. Please note our honey is made in the U.S. and I will only ship it in the U.S. What we are offering here is our 1 lb. jar. If you would like larger quantities of our honey, email us for prices on our larger sizes. We have 2.7 lb jars and even a 60 lb. one. We also have what’s known as ROYAL JELLY. This is what bees give to their queen to make her stronger, healthier, bigger, and live longer. It’s also great as a facial cream.

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