Why Choose Touch of Elegance
For your loved ones who need special care and attention, we give them just what they need - a safe haven, caring staff, and quality healthcare services all under one roof. Choose Touch of Elegance for those close to your heart. Read more »
32 Peachtree St, Suite 301
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
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Phone:      404-494-0611
Fax:          123-456-7890
Email:   business@cconcepts.co
About Us

Touch of Elegance recognizes the need for high quality care and support services for our residents. Throughout their stay with us, we seek ways to give them long-term care and comfortable accommodations that promote their wellness.

We believe that the environment we live in greatly influences our health and our disposition as a human being. A balanced living environment leads to a balanced life. Furthermore, the living environment must also be customized to the needs of the individual.

At our facility, we tailor-fit our accommodations, amenities and the services we provide to go well with the care requirements of our residents. We also coordinate with their physicians in providing them with treatment, behavioral interventions or custodial care. We work hand in hand with other healthcare professionals to effectively meet the needs of the residents at Touch of Elegance.

We invite you to visit us at Touch of Elegance. Please drop by soon or schedule your tour around our facility. Call 404-494-0611.