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Contact Information

7090 Peak Ave.
Morgan Hill, California 95037
Phone: (408) 993-9268
Fax:     (408) 947-1923

Basic Care

Services included in the basic rate are:


  1. The facility will ensure that medical and dental needs are met. This will include:
    1. In ensuring transportation is provided, facility staff shall make arrangements for this service with an outside transportation service at the expense of the resident. In the event a SSI/SSP resident is admitted, transportation to all medical and dental appointments or any transportation required to meet the resident’s medical and dental needs is a basic service and is included in the basic rate and the resident will not be charged. This transportation is arranged by the facility but provided by an outside transportation provider at the expense of the facility.
    2. There shall be arrangements for separation and care of residents whose illness requires separation from others.
    3. When residents require prosthetic devices, vision and hearing aids, the staff shall be familiar with the use of these devices, and shall assist such persons with their utilization as needed.
    4. There shall be adequate privacy for first aid treatment of minor injuries and for examination by a physician if required.
  2. Assistance with taking prescribed and over-the-counter medications in accordance with physician’s instructions unless prohibited by law or regulation. Central storing and distribution of medications.
  3. Beds will have clean and comfortable bedding and good springs, a clean and comfortable mattress, a clean pillow and enough bed covers to ensure adequate warmth. The linen will be changed as often as necessary, but at least every week. A chair, adequate drawer space, and adequate lighting are provided.
  4. Bath towels, hand towels, washcloths as well as hygiene items such as soap and toilet paper will be provided.
  5. Weekly (or more if necessary) cleaning of resident rooms and washing, drying, and ironing of resident clothing.
  6. Each resident will have three nutritionally well-balanced meals and snacks available each day. If a resident has been prescribed a special diet, the facility will provide what is required to meet the need.
  7. Each resident will receive routine observation, care and supervision, and personal assistance and care with their needs and activities of daily living. These needs are indicated by the results of the preadmission appraisal, family and resident interviews, physician consult, etc. Personal assistance and care includes dressing, grooming, eating, bathing and assistance with taking prescribed medications.
  8. Bedside care for a maximum of three days for a minor and temporary illness.
  9. All residents will be observed regularly by staff to look for any changes in mental or physical condition.  
  10. Monitoring and appropriate reporting to families, physician, appropriate persons / agencies of resident needs and condition.
  11. Assistance will be given to all residents in arranging all transportation needs.
  12. A planned activity program.