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Care for Bedridden Residents

A resident who is bedridden will receive care and services appropriate to their needs. Staff who are caring for a bedridden resident shall receive training from a licensed medical professional on appropriate care for bedridden residents. The facility shall maintain training documentation in the staff member’s personnel file which includes the following:

  • Date of training
  • Duration of training
  • Name of staff trained
  • Topics trained
  • Name of the licensed medical professional who performed the training
  • Documentation showing the trainer meets the requirements to be a trainer
  1. Residents will be evaluated for complications of immobility including:
    1. Skin breakdown
    2. Respiratory infection
    3. Urinary tract infection
    4. Contracture
    5. Depression/Isolation
  2. A service plan will be developed that addresses the needs of the resident and evaluated on a quarterly basis. 
    1. Need for repositioning
    2. Need for assistance with proper food and liquid consumption
    3. Toileting/incontinence needs
    4. Skin care needs
    5. Psychosocial needs
  3. A medical professional will be contacted for consultation on resident needs when complications to care become evident.
  4. The physician (or hospice agency) will be contacted should the resident exhibit a change in status in need of medical intervention.
  5. Staff scheduling will accommodate the needs of resident requiring turning and repositioning to ensure turning is taking place at least every two hours or more often as required. One-on-one staffing will be provided if is determined to be needed by the resident.
  6. Arrangements for special care devices will be made, including but not limited to:
    1. Privacy curtains if necessary
    2. Urinals
    3. Heel and elbow protectors
    4. Over-bed tables
    5. Bed pans
    6. Partial bed rails
    7. Bedside commodes
    8. Wheelchairs
    9. Vertical support bar
    10. Trapeze
    11. Appropriate mattress pads

Service Plans for Bedridden Residents
Service Plans for bedridden residents including goals and interventions are tailored to the needs of each individual resident.  The following plan is a sample only.

Impaired Physical Mobility (bedbound)

Maintain/improve current strength and functioning


  • Encourage the resident to participate in personal care activities as the resident is able.
  • Plan adequate rest periods between self care as necessary.
  • Assist the resident to turn every two hours or more often as necessary.
  • Monitor skin daily.
  • Monitor bowel movements and follow MD orders for constipation.
  • Report any cough or elevation in temperature to MD.
  • Transfer resident to wheelchair with maximum support and take to meals and activities as tolerated.
  • Encourage adequate food and fluids.  Prop resident in a supportive was to consume foods safely and do not leave alone when eating.