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Contact Information

7090 Peak Ave.
Morgan Hill, California 95037
Phone: (408) 993-9268
Fax:     (408) 947-1923

Food Service

  1. All persons engaged in food service are knowledgeable and will observe personal hygiene and sanitary food service practices.
  2. All food is of good quality and is stored and prepared in a healthful attractive manner.
  3. Modified diets prescribed by a resident’s physician as a medical necessity shall be provided. 
  4. No more than fifteen hours will elapse between dinner and breakfast the following morning. 
  5. Meals will be served in the dining area to encourage socialization among residents. 
  6. Tray service will be provided in case of temporary need. 
  7. Assistive devices and appropriate interventions (i.e. smaller portions, finger foods, etc.) are used if a resident requires them.
  8. Menus will offer a variety of dishes, taking into account the cultural and religious background and food habits of the residents.
  9. Menus are kept on file in the facility as served.
  10. The menu represents appropriate food groups and portions for our residents. Through discussion with our residents, the menu may be revised to reflect their individual needs and desires while maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet. At all meals, or anytime, beverages are encouraged and available upon request.