How It Works

Register to become a member.

Pay annual membership.

Buy credit.

Create switch login user name (email address) and password (alphanumeric).

Switch account is activated.

Access switch account by phone with a PIN or online.

Setup personal, family, or friend's pinless account or send recharge credit to any prepaid mobile phone worldwide. Switch account is debited the amount of transaction completed minus your percentage. For example: The switch will deduct $4 for $5 transaction. In other words, $100 credits will get up tp 20% more ($100 will give you up to $120).

To create a pinless account by phone, call switch access only number and enter account PIN. Follow the IVR prompt. Enter phone number with area code first and phone number (888XXXXXXX) followed by number and enter the amount you want to credit ($5) followed by #. You will hear a successful confirmation.

To create a pinless account online, Click on manage pinless recharge. Enter the phone you want to recharge and click search. Enter the amount you want to credit ($5) and click recharge a successful confirmation will display in the top of the screen in red.

To recharge prepaid mobile worldwide (Online only), click on international mobile recharge enter the phone number you want to recharge starting with country code first followed by code and phone number and enter sender phone number (188XXXXXXX) | 44794XXXXXXX). To complete click recharge and a confirmation text will be sent to both recipient and sender.

To make call, use any of access numbers listed on the switch. Make sure the access number you are using is local to you or request a local number. If we cannot get you a local number you will have to use our toll free access number (Fees Apply.)