Elite Nursing Services, Inc.

Elite Nursing Services, Inc. a Home Care Professional Agency that is owned and operated by locals serving the Twin Cities and other Minnesota communities.

Home Care Professionals

The service side of the firm's operations is staffed by well trained individuals who have worked in the healthcare industry for many years. They include nurses (Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses), nurse aides, home health aides, homemakers, social workers and personal care assistants.

Team of Management Professionals

The management side of the agency's operations is staffed by trained management professionals. Together, the Elite Team works seamlessly to create a one source service platform for our care recipients, making their care management less cumbersome.

Upholding Our Client's Trust in Us

Elite Nursing Services, Inc. understands that decisions about the health care options available to each individual service recipient, their loved ones and friends require thoughtful considerations. We also realize that trust plays a major role in the decision making process. For this reason, we ensure that trust is one of the key elements of the quality of care and services that we provide to everyone who is placed in our care.

Licensed & Certified